Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Galactica roundup: Screencaps, reviews, & analysis

Thanks to Katee, Chamalla and MaliB on the Sci-fi boards for their screencaps of Helo in the last two episodes of Galactica. I've uploaded them to separate episode galleries on the all.about.tahmoh Flickr: 4x09 - The Hub, 4x10 - Revelations.

I loved the midseason finale, "Revelations," which made up for my ambivalence over "The Hub" and hatred for "Sine Qua Non." I find myself largely in agreement with Alan Sepinwall's excellent reviews of the episodes: "Sine Qua Non", "The Hub", "Revelations".

For more terrific insight, be sure to check out Shandy's analysis and picspam of all of Helo's friendships over the past four seasons.

Speaking of picspams, here's a nice BSG Father's Day tribute.

Tahmoh appears briefly in a recent videoblog, "Are you Frakin' Kidding Me?!," (below) though his appearance might be considered somewhat spoilery for future eps, unless there's an episode I'm forgetting. There's also a clip of a scene on Galactica in the newest videoblog, "I'm a frakkin' Cylon?", 20 seconds from the end that includes Helo and seems potentially spoilery.

Finally, thanks to Mexichick for this photo of Tahmoh checking out the album that fans sent to the show in the aftermath of the strike:

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  1. Battlestar Galactica Revelations

    And so, Battlestar Galactica is reduced to a simple fable - we run from our past, believing the future holds something better for our species, while praying we can rise above our dark “human nature” before we do ourselves in. This episode was a mirror, showing how despite hope for a bright technological future, we’re simultaneously on the knife’s edge of destruction.

    In one episode, Battlestar Galactica moved beyond the addictive, nit-picky details like “who is the last Cylon?” and “how did Tigh get Six pregnant?” and reminded me of the big picture - our irrepressibly hopeful yet frustratingly misguided humanity.

    Enter Doctor Zee - The Fifth Cylon

    “The means by which we live have outdistanced the ends for which we live. Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr