Monday, June 16, 2008

Dollhouse update: Joss interview, photos & more

Here's a long update on Dollhouse related news and happenings from the past two weeks. Thanks to everyone for the links! The upcoming midseason FOX series from Joss Whedon will star Tahmoh as FBI agent Paul Smith.

Whedon recently spoke to Sci-fi Wire about Dollhouse, including what the show will look like week to week, his inspirations and misconceptions about the show:

People will compare this show to loads of other things ...

Whedon: People would come to me with "It's just like ... It's just like ... It's just like ..." I always feel a little guilty, if you have enough of those, I feel that's what makes it original. Eternal Sunshine is one of those things we all went, "Oh yeah, of course." Eternal Sunshine. Never Let Me Go, that novel. Actually, it was Tahmoh who pointed that out to me. Tahmoh Penikett, when I first got on the phone with him, he said, "Have you read this book ...?" And I went, "Oh my God, I have." And, yes, I think I'm stealing from it.
Dollrific reports that post-production on the pilot, "Echo," continues and that FOX has requested a few reshoots, as is typical.

The Futon Critic reviews the pilot script and raves:
"I would usually say all that's left is for Whedon, Dushku and company to bring this script to life, but the early clips shown during FOX's upfront seem to confirm what we already know...

The bottom line: ...this one's a keeper."
Be warned the article includes a summary of the pilot's plot and should be considered spoilery. Even more spoilery is the script review posted by You Can't Download it!, which explains the scene between Paul and Echo that was posted during Upfronts. All but spoiler-whores should probably avoid that one.

If you're still anxious for news, but want something less spoilery, then check out this preview of the pilot from, which includes a couple new photos of the show's sets and this comment:
"FBI Agent Paul is a great character (and I can't think of better casting than Tahmoh Penikett)."
Speaking of photos, about a dozen new on-set photos of the actors, sets and pilot shoot have been posted over at the Dollhouse fanpop!, including the three in this post, though unfortunately none of Tahmoh's character, Paul Smith.

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