Thursday, June 26, 2008

Photos from Galactica 3 Con in London (2007)

Thanks to Anno Superstar for sharing these terrific shots of Tahmoh, Rekha Sharma, Leah Cairns and Alessandro Juliani at the Wolf Galactica 3 convention in London last summer. There are a ton more photos of Tahmoh et al. over at her website here.

She has some particularly good photos from Saturday:

I've also archived a few of these and the other photos from that con that I previously posted over at the site's Flickr: 2007 Galactica 3 (London).

Read an interview with Tahmoh at the convention.
See photos in posts here, here and here. There are also some great shots of Tahmoh (not reproduced here) over at Mangoes of Time.

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