Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Your questions answered: Tahmoh on his dream roles, his interest in directing, and his approach to a scene

Tahmoh was able to take a break from filming Dollhouse to answer a few more of your questions! (See the first set of answered questions here or linked from the question page).

It must be at least somewhat scary knowing that Battlestar is about to end, and it's not like you stumble across shows/characters of that caliber all the time when you're going to auditions and thinking about new projects... so does it feel like Galactica has set sort of an impossible standard for your future roles to live up to, or is it easy to compartmentalize the experience and look at all your other options objectively, without comparing them to BSG?

"BSG obviously has set an incredibly high standard, but I'm pretty confident that working with someone as talented and bright as Joss Whedon I should be in good hands for awhile. I think one of the most important thing I'll take from the BSG experience is working with that caliber of actor, writer, and producer. I've set my own work ethic at a comparable level and will always try to reach it."

Is there a "perfect role/project" you daydream about finding in an ideal world?

"There are so many "dream" roles that I'd love to play it'd be hard to say. Honestly I so respect when a capable actor gets a character role and goes the whole way with it. Meaning, changing his gait, physical appearance, accent etc. I've really only had the opportunity to do this in class, but I look forward to it in the future. Roles like De Niro in Raging Bull, or Brad Pitt in Kalifornia come to mind.

I'd like to think that working on such an incredible project as BSG some of the best in the industry will recognize that and approach with great projects."

You've said in interviews that you'd like to direct one day. What types of projects/genres would you be most interested in directing?

"I would direct anything if it's got a good story to it. I think BSG proved beyond a doubt that you can make an intelligent drama regardless of whether it's in the sci-fi genre or not. My first love is drama so hopefully that would be my first project. I think I'd also enjoy directing an intelligent thriller at some point. Like I said, I'm game as long as I believe in the story."

Do you tend to play small variations on a scene each time or do you try to change it up dramatically each take?

"I tend to do small variations. Then again it really depends on a few factors... what I'm getting from the other actor and what direction I'm being given. I definitely come in with some strong choices, yet we need to put the scene on its feet before you really get a feel for it. If the opportunity's there, I like to give subtle yet important takes on a scene for the director to use."
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