Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tahmoh supports Caleb's Hope (charity)

Tahmoh and several other Battlestar cast members are supporting Caleb's Hope, a charity spearheaded by Holly Dignard (with whom Tahmoh starred in Whistler). Tahmoh requested I communicate his support of this effort here:

It's something that my friend and castmate from Whistler, Holly Dignard has organized. She did a photo shoot recently with different people to help bring attention to the site. Check it out!
A post over at Battlestar Blog explains the charity and the BSG connections:
Caleb’s Hope is a registered non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for vulnerable women and children affected by war, poverty, and HIV/AIDS. Caleb’s Hope helps provide access to improved healthcare, education, and generates innovative job-creation programs. The organization currently has projects in Kenya and Uganda with hopes to expand throughout East Africa and eventually worldwide.

Holly Elissa Dignard (Asha Janik, Demand Peace activist/saboteur in Epiphanies) started Caleb’s Hope not only to raise awareness but to get people from all walks of life involved and engaged in the world around them. Please see the website for more on the story behind Caleb’s Hope and some amazing pictures and stories from Holly’s travels to Uganda and Kenya....
Official website here. Donate here.


  1. Trying a third time to say Thanks! For some reason it wasn't liking my link to Live Journal.

  2. This charity seems very much like United Way on a global scale. I wonder if you can chose to contribute to specific causes of if your donation is broken up into equal portions. Either way, 'tis the season!

  3. Donated! (But you know that.)