Monday, November 17, 2008

Airdate, new trailer and positive buzz for Dollhouse

FOX has announced that Dollhouse will premiere on Friday, February 13th at 9pm, paired with the terrific Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles at 8pm. With Battlestar (which returns on January 16th) then airing at 10pm on Sci-fi, it promises to be quite the sci-fi/genre programming block.

A new trailer for Dollhouse, which more succinctly lays out the premise, has also been recently rolled out. Watch it now!

io9 recently offered a rave review for Dollhouse, highlighting why: "Dollhouse Will Be Joss Whedon's Greatest Work Ever." Tahmoh features prominently among those reasons:
It has a pretty great supporting cast.

I would pretty much watch Tahmoh Penikett try to refinance his mortgage. As Paul Ballard, the FBI agent who keeps investigating the Dollhouse even though everybody insists it's a myth, he's bound to be a compelling character — even if they don't keep in the scene where he does Thai kick-boxing while brooding about his tough case. And from what I've seen from clips and trailers, the rest of the cast is equally strong, delivering the trademark Whedon quips and knife-edge dialogue with panache.
Read the full article.

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