Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Your questions answered: Tahmoh on his favorite martial artists, the Helo action figures, his acting approach and experience with foreign languages

Tahmoh was able to take a break from filming Dollhouse to answer a few more of your questions! (See the question page for more answered fan questions).

1. I think I read somewhere that you like martial arts and mma. I'm a fan too and was wondering if you were a fan of any particular fighter or fighting style.

"There are so many fighters i admire and respect. In the now defunct Pride organization Vanderlei Silva was my favorite for his ferocity, heart and incredible finishes. I think George St. Pierre always showed the talent but has now become one of the most capable and complete fighters in MMA. He's really in a class of his own and constantly improving. Anderson Spider Silva is also in this elite class of fighters. He has the most beautiful and devastating Muay Thai. I can go on and on about this so i better stop myself now."
2. Have you seen your Helo action figure yet? And whats it feel like to have an action figure of yourself?
"I've seen two of the action figures. I'm not sure if there's more but i recently saw the one of me in my flight suit. When i first found out that i had an action figure coming it was definitely surreal. I've been ribbed about it from my friends and family constantly and it still makes me laugh. The fact is i think the makers of the action figures did a pretty good job. It's a pretty cool thing to have. A testament to the excellent and successful show we were apart of."
3. Do you tend to play small variations on a scene each time or do you try to change it up dramatically each take? Or does it depend on which actors/directors you're working with?
"Sometimes in the rehearsal you make completely new discoveries about the scene. This can be because of what the other actor is giving you, understanding something in the script u didn't before or from direction from the director. I always make some strong choices and often come prepared to make small adjustments to my delivery. As you put the scene on it's feet you usually find the best best direction to take it."
4. Do you speak any other languages?
"I was in French immersion as a child. It's still there but very rusty as i haven't had a lot of opportunity to use it for many years. I've recently started practicing again. I'm fascinated at the fact so many Europeans speak three if not four languages. I was recently in Europe and it motivated me to speak french again."
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