Monday, January 12, 2009

Battlestar returns; Dollhouse photos, video & interviews

This week brings yet more photos, videos and interviews in the run up to Dollhouse's February premiere. Don't forget Battlestar returns this Friday!

Update: Here's a photo of Tahmoh with his stunt double on the Battlestar set:

New Dollhouse cast photo:

SFX profile of Tahmoh from the December 2008 issue, thanks to multipleverses:

TV Guide's Erin Fox interviews Tahmoh about Battlestar and Dollhouse: review of the Dollhouse premiere.

interview with Eliza Dushku (her "funnest" scene is with Tahmoh.)

New video on FOX's Dollhouse website: Joss coaches Eliza on how to walk "sexy" (includes brief clip with Tahmoh).

dryope: Lots of photos of Tahmoh at the Access Hollywood gifting suite:

With a pen and ink art piece (a self-portrait?).

With whitening toothpaste? Ha! See many more in dryope's post.

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