Wednesday, January 14, 2009

TCA panel photos, new interviews & reviews

Tahmoh, Eliza Dushku and the rest of the main cast attended the Dollhouse Fox panel at the 2009 Winter Television Critic's Association Tour on January 13th in Los Angeles:

Update: New high-res panel shot:
Coverage of the Dollhouse TCA panel: Dollverse, IGN, The Live Feed, Wired, Broadcasting & Cable. IGN is the most extensive.

dryope has posted tons of photos from the TCA events and Fox after party:

Zap2it interviewed Tahmoh at a NBC Universal party. He speaks generally about Battlestar's finale and a bit more specifically about Paul in Dollhouse:

Pioneer Local has a positive review of the Dollhouse pilot.

Finally, don't forget Battlestar Galactica returns this Friday at 10pm. The premiere will run 3.5 minutes long, so adjust your DVRs accordingly. Here are some cute behind-the-scenes photos to get you excited:


  1. Where you get BSG pictures? They're very good! I like himand Grace Paark (Sharon). I can't believe the show is ending now, it's sad.

  2. Cute pictures! Do you know who's in the third picture from the left with the mask with Tahmoh?

  3. Great! The ones with Grace and Kandyse are cute!