Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dollhouse, Battlestar & The Green Chain--All this week!

Battlestar continues to be awesome and Dollhouse is getting intriguing, so be sure to tune in on Friday! Tahmoh is featured in this week's People:

Here are two promo shots for an upcoming episode of Dollhouse:

The Green Chain opens to wide release in Canada this week.

Here's a photo of Tahmoh from The Green Chain:

Tahmoh will be attending the Calgary Expo on April 25-26.

Interviews with Tahmoh:

BuddyTV named Tahmoh #20 of TV's Most Eligible Bachelors (31st slide).

Thanks to Valeria, for finding this fashion shot of Tahmoh from Z!nk:


  1. Congratulations on last night BSG Episode! Great work in general but Tahmoh made want to tear my face into pieces.....Brillant job! Have to catch up with Dollhouse though, shame on me! But from what I have seen so far....it is going be a great ride! :0)

  2. What a fantastic finale... I loved every minute of it, it was mixing all kind of concepts to finally explain everything : Love Tahmoh's performance as well, not enough of him though :D

    Message to the webmaster : Is Tahmoh going to be at any Con this year? I'm French and I know I will have to go to the US if I want to meet him :) better think about it now, especially if it's during a super geeky cool con :D