Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Battlestar wraps, but Dollhouse rocks

Dollhouse has been great of late. Here are a couple promotional shots:

Official FOX video on Paul Ballard with NYC Comic Con footage.

Interviews with Tahmoh:
March 24, 2009 - Tahmoh at TV Guide’s sexiest stars party in Hollywood:

According to Ron Moore, the DVD version of the Battlestar finale will feature flashback scenes with Helo, Sharon and Tyrol.

The LA Times was at the finale watch party with the Battlestar cast, including Tahmoh. A final shot of Helo and two great ones of Tahmoh:


  1. Seriously, the last photoshoot is killing me, he's perfect!!
    End of the drooling, but I'm loving Dollhouse more and more, can't wait for next friday :D

    By the way, updates on Tahmoh, he has been cast in the Sci Fi Riverworld miniserie, more infos here:


  2. Two things
    1) the pics of Tahmoh from that party were dated March 24, 2009? Being a news site containing them in a post dated Match 17 is a bit odd. I think they were worthy enough of their own post. They were VERY nice. :D
    2) You guys havent posted anything about Riverworld - Tahmohs newest project. (oh i just saw the other person comment on that too).
    Anyways - i knows its totally doomed by I totally love Paul/Mellie. Typical Joss he knows how to make me love a doomed relationship!

  3. Great pics. Hope to hear some more about riverworld soon. I heard he had to cancel a convention appearance due to illness. Hope he is well again. Greetings from germany.