Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dollhouse premieres this week!

Battlestar continues to be terrific. The surge of news continues unabated.

: Awesome official Dollhouse ad/music video with lots of Paul (spoilery):
[Admin: Video no longer available]

Joss and Tahmoh at New York City Comic Con today:
Photo thanks to TheBigTog. More available at Getty Images:

FOX: New Dollhouse poster:
SpoilerTV: The "Working with Joss" video features Tahmoh.

Dollhouse reviews: TIME, Entertainment Weekly, Orlando Sentinel, Chicago Sun Times, Crave Online

TV Guide's take on the show:

IGN speaks with Eliza and Tahmoh:

BuddyTV also spoke with them at the same press event:

Joss Whedon spoke to reporters about Dollhouse on an extended conference call. Sci-fi Wire, io9, Pink Ray Gun, Pioneer Local all offer reports on the call.

The NY Times interviewed Joss recently about Dollhouse.

Tahmoh will be a guest on Hollywood 411 on Thursday, Feb. 12th on the TV Guide Channel.

Last week, he apparently attended Affliction's "Day of Reckoning":

(With tremendous thanks to new poster Lisa for her help assembling links!)


  1. Yay to the boss and the minion for doing such a good job with the site!!

  2. Aaaah, SO MUCH GREAT PRESS. Thank you! (Especially thank you because I am the io9 writer who covered the Dollhouse panel. :) ) Tahmoh is such a good guy ... I love that he's not grumpy about doing press like most actors; he understands that it comes with the job. DOLLHOUSE IS GOING TO OWN.