Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Update with latest video, interviews, pics of Tahmoh

If this surge of press continues, to keep up I'm going to need a minion, er... assistant. If interested, email me. Update: Minion found! Now on to your Tahmoh news update:

Next Friday, Feb. 13, Dollhouse premieres right before Battlestar, as Tahmoh himself jokes, "It's a big night for me. I guess I'm on two shows!"

THIS weekend, Tahmoh will be in New York City with Joss Whedon for NYC Comic Con:

"Tahmoh will be speaking at the Dollhouse panel from 12:45 to 1:45 PM on Feb 8 in the IGN Theater as well as signing beside Joss at the autograph signing from 2 to 3 PM in the Autograph Area in the rear of the Exhibition Hall."
In other con news, Tahmoh will be at Emerald City ComiCon in Seattle on April 4-5, and here's a partial transcript of Tahmoh's appearance at Battlestar Starfury (London).

Access Hollywood interviewed Tahmoh in a charity gifting suite:

How awesome has Battlestar been of late?

If you're feeling sad about the end of the show, tracy_loo_who has scanned the cast's farewell letters, including Tahmoh's. Sad, but sweet.

Now on to Dollhouse, including this new promo pic of Paul from episode 1:

There's a short summary of the second episode, "The Target," here.

Sci-fi Wire
interviews Tahmoh about Dollhouse.

New "Jossverse" video on the official FOX site: How to pronounce Tahmoh.

Dollverse: More fun with pronunciation. The whole cast weighs in on how to say their names.

Dollverse podcast has more on the show and with the cast. They also have the details on the shooting versus airing order for the first season episodes.

SpoilerTV has 4 clips from the premiere, the last one with Tahmoh:

LA Times interviews Whedon about the set and has a photo gallery.

Daily Beast speaks to Joss about Dollhouse, the networks and the Internet.

Reviews of Dollhouse: News-Journal Online, TV Overmind, TIME

All about Tahmoh was named one of the top 100 best Sci-fi blogs, so yah!

UPDATE: FOX posts video from the Dollhouse photoshoot.


  1. Congrats on being named on of the top 100 Sci Fi blogs! The kudos are well earned.

  2. Agreed; your site is totally deserving of its place in the top 100. It's easy to navigate, well-designed, and all the information you could ever want all converges here, all at the right time. Thanks for making a useful website when you could have just as easily taken the worshippy fanpage route. I doubt your readers would get the chance to submit questions to Tahmoh and actually receive answers, if the tone of your site wasn't so respectful and if you didn't do such a good job at presenting only relevant information in a basically objective manner. Really great job, Thank you.

    And THANK YOU for the notification about the Emerald City Con - now I have something to look forward to after BSG ends!

  3. Top 100 Sci Fi Blogs? That is absolutely AWESOME, Justine! And quite an accomplishment, given how many there are.

  4. I think you have done a wonderful job, ranging from the beginnings of Tahmoh's career to the current sucesses; everything is coherent, amazingly laid-out and up to date, and I'm sad that I arrived too late for minionhood! I could learn a lot from you.

    You deserve a lot of congratulations.