Monday, May 18, 2009

Dollhouse renewed, Tahmoh cast in new pilot & more!

Back at last! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus. Thanks to those who sent many helpful links and kind notes. It's been a busy six weeks for both Tahmoh and me apparently. Onto the latest news:

Dollhouse has been renewed! (Look for an official announcement on Monday).

Alan Tudyk on working with Tahmoh on Dollhouse.

Tahmoh has been cast in the Sci-fi pilot, Riverworld:
It will air in 2010 as a 4-hour, 2-night event. For more, see:

On-set photo above is from one of Tahmoh's Riverworld costars, Aleks Paunovic.

You can now watch The Green Chain over on hulu.

Tahmoh has again signed a teddy bear for charity. The proceeds from the auction will benefit breast cancer research. Lisa who runs the charity has shared a higher-res photo with us:

In other charity news, here's Tahmoh's statement on Caleb's Hope:
"I'm so proud to be involved with Caleb's Hope, a project that's not only giving these children and their families real hope but more importantly empowering and enabling them to change their lives for the better. I commend Holly, for developing and seeing this project through. It's an inspiration for all of us to do more."
Two interviews with Tahmoh:
Emerald City and other con reports:
Some great photos by Andre Tan over at Flickr:

A great Tahmoh (& Eliza Dushku) picspam by natalchica.

New trailer for Trick 'r Treat, which will be released on Blu-ray this summer.
Here are some more stylish shots from the fashion photoshoot in Z!NK:

After Elton names Tahmoh #100 on their Hot 100.

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