Thursday, May 13, 2010

Even More Con Videos and Pictures

Lots more convention report materials surfacing.

The magazine Gay Calgary went to Calgary Comic and Entertainment Convention and interviewed both Tahmoh and Aaron Douglas. Click the image below to read Tahmoh's interview.

You can link to and download the entire issue here. Sci Fi fans will certainly want to take a look because they reviewed many panels and interviewed many other guests at the convention.

Moving onto FedCon in Germany, I'd like to thank Michelle/Meshel (Battlestar Blog, Aaron Douglas Fans, Tahmoh Penikett Facebook page) and Pierre (regular poster at Across the Salt) for their posts and assistance in tracking down FedCon material. My inability to read (or speak) German has certainly hampered my attempts at finding FedCon material.

Michelle has posted links at Battlestar Blog to interviews conducted by Seriesten TV at FedCon with Tahmoh, Aaron Douglas, Luciana Carro, and Kandyse McClure. Tahmoh's interview can be found here.

Pierre found the video below at Caprica City, a German language BSG Fansite, where you'll find plenty more coverage of FedCon and this banner:

Livejournal poster Qfemale also links to some FedCon pics.

Edit: I can't believe I forgot to post Andreas Reiner's stunning photos of Tahmoh. Andreas posted the first at Tahmoh's Facebook Page (see link earlier in this post) and linked there to the second.

Most recently, Tahmoh appeared at the Starfury: Echo-1 Convention. Sean Harry, organizer of the Starfury conventions, posted two videos to his You Tube Channel from the event.

As always, if you see something we don't, please email and let us know!

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  1. Echo-1 looked like a blast! Seemed more intimate than other conventions.