Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Tahmoh

Today is Tahmoh's birthday, and Michelle has started a birthday thread at this Facebook Fan Page and will forward all of our wishes to him.

You can leave your own wishes at Facebook here or below in the comments.

Check back soon for more pics from various Cons, and articles about and interviews with Tahmoh about his recent trip back to the Yukon, and more on his support of Caleb's Hope.


  1. Auch von mir Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zum Geburtstag! And thank you for being at FedCon.

  2. happy birthday! i hope you find something you love like you loved galactica. not many people have the talent, intellect, and empathy required to hold their own on a show of that caliber - and you did more than just portray a believable character, you thought about the galactica universe enough to truly seem to be a part of it; to belong there. helo changed and developed in real-time with every part of the story, and the things he did and felt had ripples that reached the entire fleet, and beyond. dynamics like that are the reason galactica became a show on another level, in another dimension. so, even if it's the equivalent of a letter to santa claus, it still seems worth it to say happy birthday to someone who helped make my favorite thing what it was. it's something to be really proud of, something that should make you feel good always, something to bring you back to a good place if you're ever worrying about what's next.
    i believe you said something once about wanting to do a part on dexter, if you had your choice of shows - for what it's worth, i think it would be a fantastic match.