Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tahmoh attended Baltimore's Farpoint Convention last weekend. Alison of ALH Photos at Flickr snapped the photos below and a bunch more. All of her shots can been seen at her flickr page. Please respect Alison's wishes and do not repost or link without her permission.

I haven't been able to find too many con reports, but #Farpoint at Twitter brings up some great tweets about the event. If you attended Farpoint and have Tahmoh-related reports or photos you'd like to share, drop me a comment or email


  1. I've got a write-up of the first day here am working on the 2nd day.

  2. Thanks for the link! Looking forward to Day 2.

  3. I thought Jabberwocky was filmed in Bulgaria, not Romania. If someone made a mistake by confusing these two countries, I may be borderline offended, considering they are two completely different countries. However, if they did shoot the movie in both countries, I will be extremely PROUD. :)