Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pets and BSG - Tahmoh answers more questions

Tahmoh took the time to answer some questions recently submitted by fans. As a special treat, he also sent us some personal pictures from the Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse sets and a Dollhouse panel. I'm going to spread the Q&A and pics over a couple days. First up: pets and BSG. Enjoy.

Do you have any pets, and if so what are they?

I've had dogs and cats as pets my whole life. I'm a lover of both creatures for their very unique qualities. I don't currently have a dog but look forward to maybe having one again in the future.
How did you feel about Helo's ending in BSG? Did things end up the way you wanted them for Helo and his family?
I like Helo's ending in BSG. As a fan of the show, you knew that it could be very dark, which was appropriate and true to the circumstances of the story. Thing is, what fascinates us about each other and why we love the medium of film is because we love to see not only the humanity in others but their ability to persevere. We grew so close to these amazing characters in BSG and followed them through so much heartache and struggle over 5 years. I think many felt from the jump that Helo and Athena could not be and yet they survived against all odds. The fans needed that pay off and they deserved it.
Speaking of the ending of BSG, Tahmoh sent these personal pics with co-stars Katee Sackhoff and Grace Park from the last days of filming.

Speaking of pictures, be sure to check out the new Tahmoh fansite at Tumblr. Lots of great pictures there.

Con Update: Tahmoh also said that, for now, his attendance at C2E2 in Chicago and both Supernova Cons are a go. I'll let you know if he has to change his plans due to work commitments.


  1. That's right! Girls got the biggest guns!

  2. Holy Guns on that guy, Batman!! And awesome pics! It looks like they were having fun.