Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Tahmoh

Today's is Tahmoh's birthday. Feel free to leave him birthday greetings in the comments here or head over to the Facebook page and join the fun there!

To celebrate Tahmoh's birthday, check out this great interview with

Remember Jabberwocky and our disappointment when Tahmoh did not show up in the promo photos? Well, American World Pictures has finally shared a photo of Tahmoh. Click the photo for a detailed synopsis of the movie.


  1. Happy Birthday, Tahmoh! I hope your next year is filled with more tantalizing creative opportunities than you can keep track of.
    Excited for The Hostage to find a suitable host for broadcast - I've always wanted to see you in a darker role, and it's impressive to see someone so eager to embrace something different and risky.
    Thanks for all the good book recommendations. For the record, you've got a screenwriter at your disposal if you ever need someone to write your dream role.

  2. Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the years of entertainment and here's to many more years to come.

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