Friday, May 06, 2011

Site News

An announcement: Bertha is now an official admin of the site! As regular readers here and at the Facebook site know, she's been helping out behind the scenes in a lot of ways, but now she's stepped up to an admin. Bertha is a lot more skilled in HTML, website upkeep and maintenance, and blogging than I am. I have learned a lot from her and hope to continue to do so. However, now Bertha will have the ability to make changes herself rather than waiting for me to learn them first! I'm really glad to have her agree to being an admin. Justine and I will continue to serve as administrators of the site, making posts, communicating with fans, and, most importantly, keeping the Tahmoh information flowing.

Be looking for some updated widgets and other changes in the next few weeks. We believe we have finally transferred all permissions needed to update the site more fully than we've been able to in the past. Please be patient as Bertha and I figure out how to make the changes and keep everything integrated.

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