Monday, June 13, 2011

Tahmoh on AMC's The Killing

Last night, Tahmoh appeared on AMC's The Killing "Beau Soleil"(Episode 112) . We couldn't announce this ahead of time due to contractual confidentiality agreements. Anyone watching The Killing regularly knows they are trying to be very secretive and surprise viewers with what happens. For this reason, I won't say any more about Tahmoh's role in order to avoid spoiling those who still need to catch up on the episode. AMC is only sometimes showing episodes on it's website, and right now Ep12 isn't available. But, you can watch on certain On Demand cable services or purchase at iTunes.

Sorry I don't have any caps yet - but we'll get them to you soon.

Edit: The Killing is getting a second season, and there's a lot of internet speculation that perhaps we'll see more of Tahmoh. Here are a couple links, but expect spoilers for The Killing "Beau Soleil". and BuddyTV. In a couple days I'll post their kind words about Tahmoh, but I'm waiting a bit to avoid spoiling those who haven't watched yet.

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  1. It was really a surprise to see him in the episode! I love the series (so far) and added bonus of catching him in a different role!