Friday, July 29, 2011

We're still here

I promise. I haven't abandoned All About Tahmoh Penikett. The news has been a bit slow and summer has been a bit busy so I've not posted in a while. I'm hoping to grab some screen caps from The Killing in the next couple weeks. Keep your fingers crossed - we may even have a few surprises to share. For now...

Links originally posted at the Facebook site (follow us there if you're on FB).

Nerdist Podcast from C2E2
Video Interview with The Electric Playground
Tahmoh and Aleks Paunovic talk about their memorable convention moments with CNN

Netflix Subscribers can stream many of Tahmoh's earlier movies and television series, including the following (I'll update the list as I find more or they become available):

Just because I can, I'm reposting the flickr link to screen caps Justine took of Tahmoh as Elias Noth in Whistler, which is my all-time favorite Tahmoh role. I don't know any place you can still legally watch Whistler, so these pictures are all I can share until (if?) it becomes available.

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