Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jabberwock, Innocent, Haven, Dragon*Con

SyFy will reportedly air Jabberwock on September 10 at 9:00 Eastern. It's still not on their official schedule, so check back here or our Facebook page to confirm.

As I reported a couple weeks ago on Facebook, a reliable source told me that Tahmoh would appear in an upcoming episode of SyFy's Haven and in a TNT movie. Now we have more information on TNT movie - Innocent. Stay tuned for more information about each.

Finally, Michelle of Battlestar Blog and Aaron Douglas Fans has compiled a list of Tahmoh's and other BSG cast and crew appearances at Dragon*Con. She warns that the schedule could change, so attendees keep your eyes out for updates. (Also, as of this writing, LiveJournal was down ... again. So, I'll try to find the original website with the schedule from Michelle).

Edit: Thanks to Michelle - the link to the schedule is here, although, as of this writing LJ was back up.

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