Thursday, December 01, 2011

Want to Ask Tahmoh about TNT's Innocent?

Tahmoh has agreed to answer some questions about TNT's Innocent. Submit them here in the comments or over at the Facebook page (See link on the right of this page). I will be screening the questions, so please keep them on topic and in good taste.

Edit December 7: Tahmoh has started answering questions. Check out the Facebook fan page for his answers to questions there.


  1. Hi Tahmoh.

    Two questions - first (and sorry to have to ask this, but I've only seen your name in print) - how do you actually pronounce Tahmoh? Is is like "Tom-oh" or "Tah-moe". Just wondering.

    Second - any chance you'll be at Dragon Con 2012?

    Thanks! K :D

  2. What was the hardest part of this project?

  3. If you were directing "Innocent", what major scene would you change and how would you change it? Thanks and hope to see you in Seattle! SR

  4. Hi Anonymous #1. Tah-moe is the closest pronunciation. Check out this video for a great story with Tahmoh explaining how his grandmother pronounced his name.

    If we Tahmoh confirms DC 2012, we'll be sure to let you know.

    Anonymous #2 and #3, I've passed your questions onto Tahmoh.

    Be sure to check out the FB page. He's provided some responses there too.

    Lisa (admin)