Sunday, June 22, 2014

News on The Portal

We've received some news about The Portal a couple of days ago. It was nominated for the Best Short Film category by the Directors Guild of Canada. The awards ceremony will be held on Saturday, October 25 at The Carlu in Toronto. On the same day, the team also discovered that they've been awarded funding by The Independent Production Fund to make it into a digital (web) series.

Congratulations to everyone on The Portal, and best of luck with the DGC nomination! And if you haven't, make sure you like The Portal on Facebook.

We'll keep everyone updated as soon as we have news we can share.


  1. Is this site no longer being updated, or is there just really no news about this actor? I hope he has some project in the works at least! :)

    1. Hi! The site is still being updated (this latest post was dated June 22)! :-) A lot of our news are announced on Twitter (@AboutTahmoh) and on FB (, and we mostly combined them into bigger posts after.

      We're still here; news is slower, but we haven't forgotten the site.

      And if you're on Twitter or FB, do join us there. And Tahmoh's on Twitter too at @TahmohPenikett

      Thanks! :-)