Friday, June 06, 2014

Videos from Jus In Bello con in Rome

One of the best things about Supernatural conventions is all the full-panel videos! They've all been tweeted via @AboutTahmoh, but I thought making them available in one post will be easier for future reference. So here they are in order:

Friday, May 23rd. Ty Olsson (also BSG's Captain Kelly) and Tahmoh's panel.

In two parts, Tahmoh's panel with Rob Benedict on Saturday, the 24th.

Sunday's panel with Mark Shepard (BSG, Dollhouse)

It's always part of Supernatural's conventions to end with a little gig by Jason Manns. Jason is apparently joined by convention guests all the time, and they got Tahmoh up on stage to join in the singing at around the 4 minute mark.

And as a little bonus, Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) talks about why Tahmoh hasn't been pranked on set, around 20 minutes 20 seconds into the video below.

Enjoy! And it looks like Tahmoh's also converted a new generation of BSG fans as we've been getting a lot of notifications on @AboutTahmoh from fans saying how much they love BSG and Helo! 

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