Saturday, April 02, 2005

Poll: Helo's last line in the BSG finale

Inspired by Gonigal's remarks over at TWOP, I created the poll in the sidebar at left, "What was up with Helo's telling Starbuck (re: shooting Boomer): "No! No, no! You can't. You can't. She's pregnant"?". But first, here's what Gonigal said:

And finally, a big "HUH???" for the moment where Helo tells Starbuck she can't kill Boomer because she's pregnant. Starbuck's reaction upon realizing that Boomer was a Cylon and then, seconds later, learning that Cylons can get pregnant was *perfect*, it's Helo's reaction that's kind of puzzling to me.

I'd have thought that his reaction to that news would have been a bit less "Oh wow, I'm gonna be a daddy!", and a smidge more "Oh my Gods, no! By all that's holy, this hideous, mutant hellspawn must be destroyed!!"


Poll results available here.

It's my first poll ever! Do you love polls? Hate polls? Think I should never do one again? Are there poll questions you're dying to see asked? Leave a comment.


  1. I think it's more that he was so angry that he let his feelings show to c-boomer, who then he finds out is a cylon, and the anger is what shows, because he just keeps running it over and over in his head. But then, when she gets it in his head that she is the one who kept him alive, he realizes that maybe she's being hunted now, too (which she is). Then, on top of that, the pregnancy? He's just stuck between a rock and a hard place. He still loves her, wants to protect his baby, yet he can't understand that she's deserting her fellow cylons to be with him. He can't come to grips with the fact that a cylon can have feelings, get pregnant, etc.

  2. You raise some interesting points. I can't wait to see how the writers resolve this whole situation... it's going to be tricky.