Wednesday, May 04, 2005

More on Under the Cover (2003)

An interview with the director of Under the Cover, Jason Bourque, offers some more details about the project:

Under the Cover, originally titled Below the Belt, is a series of three 10-minute shorts described as "sexy social satire" by Jason Bourque, the Leo Award-winning filmmaker who directed from teleplays by longtime friend and creative collaborator, writer-actress Dominika Wolski....

The bizarre, whimsical pilot, filmed at Saxe Point in Esquimalt over two years ago, was selected for broadcast from over 1,000 submissions. The film... amusingly comments on how the media fuels sexual stereotyping through the tale of a sex-starved woman whose frigid boyfriend claims to be an amoeba trapped in a man's body.

Wolski and Bourque... had originally envisioned a potential series about the rise of the amoebas against the infrastructure, but the tone shifted direction during the creative process.

"It changed from this epic about an amoeba nation to more of a love story," said Bourque, 30, who financed the pilot with his VISA card.

Under the Cover, whose three episodes were filmed back-to-back over six days in nightclubs, parks and coffee shops in Vancouver last month [March 2003], is just one of dozens of projects that have kept Bourque busy....

(From "The Bourque Identity" by Michael D. Reid, Times Colonist, April 2003).
I'm glad they decided against the whole amoebas vs. the infrastructure thing... it was nice to see Tahmoh out from under his blanket eventually.

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