Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tahmoh in Under the Cover (2003)

Wondering about the other items on Tahmoh's filmography? Well IMBD has very little info on the TV movie, Under the Cover (2002), but I've done some research.

In it, Tahmoh reprises his role as Jonas (see Below the Belt); in fact, Under the Cover seems to continue the story started in Below the Belt. It was shot in Vancouver in 2002 and released on Canadian TV (and theatrically) in 2002/2003.

According to GoldStar Productions, the production company:

"Under the Cover" began as a short film that was selected out of 1200 others across Canada to be made into a 4-part mini-series that aired on CBC.

Created by Dominika Wolski, the four episodes follow Jonas and Tabatha (played by Tahmoh Penikett and Dominika) on their road to understanding the pressures of sex and relationships in the new millennium.

Media's influences on modern sexual expectations are at the root of one young man's alienation. His solution is to become an asexual being: an amoeba. Will his peers follow him, as they do every other trend they encounter?
For those curious, a clip is available online. (You'll have to disable your pop-up blocker. Then click on "What We've Done" and scroll to the right to "Under the Cover." Click the film still to download the clip.)

Jonas (Tahmoh) is the one with the red blanket over his head. But really you shouldn't miss this clip. When else will you get to hear Tahmoh yell:

"I am an amoeba, the preacher of the petri-dish!"
UPDATE: Link to all the episodes and screen caps now posted!

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