Saturday, May 14, 2005

Their characters have kissed Helo, so...

I say they're fair game as far as Helo-related news goes. Both Grace Park (#81) and Tricia Helfer (#83) made Maxim's Hot 100 for 2005, which you can read about here. At Maxim's site you can also see Tricia and Grace's photos, read their interviews and watch their videos. Here's a Helo-related excerpt from Grace Park's:

Now the crucial query: Do Cylons get it on?
I had to do this one sex scene for Battlestar that wasn’t a bedroom scene. It was outside in a forest under a lightning and thunder shower. I was like, “So you want some crazy forest sex? OK, I gotcha.” In the end they had to totally edit it down and take out all my moaning.

Any other X-rated bloopers?
Yeah, one of the wardrobe ladies offered me this neoprene little patch before the scene. We told her we were already sitting on a blanket and didn’t need it. We do the whole scene and both suddenly realize, We were supposed to use the pad in between us. Ha-ha!

So that performance was quite realistic.
I know. I remember thinking, Oh, my God! I am totally making out with this guy and completely grinding him! What the hell’s going on? And that thought just completely pulled me out of the scene because I was so into the action.
Ahem. You can also see video interviews with both of them during their Maxim/Stuff magazine shoots. I've linked to Grace Park's before. But both are now up on Maxim TV. (Click on the photo of Tricia in the 2nd row on the front page to see the vids).

Both discuss BSG and Tricia's even shows the clip of Number Six kissing Helo. She also mentions some recent work she's done.

In any case, they're both very hot women and the music videos/interviews are interesting as well as aesthetically pleasing...

As I recall, Tahmoh diplomatically avoided really commenting on his scene with Grace during his interview on Subject 2 Discussion, but you can go hear/read for yourself here.

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