Thursday, June 15, 2006

Poll Results: Helo & Sharon in Season 3

This past month's poll on the future of Helo and Sharon's relationship proved quite popular with nearly 200 people voicing their opinion. Almost 40% believe that Helo and Sharon "will still be in love, but still separated." About 20% believe their situation will have improved and the two lovers "will be able to spend time together in the cell."

12% are even more optimistic and think the two "will be living together," while 7% think they'll have tied the knot (seems popular on Galactica after all...).

On the pessimist side, 10% think their relationship won't have recovered from the rather dark note it sounded when we last saw them and believe the couple "will be broken up and not speaking." 8% thought they'd be "broken up, but still speaking." Perhaps not surprisingly, only 2% believed the pair could get past their history together and "just be friends."

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I also updated the site poll archive, if you want to browse older poll questions and their results...

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