Friday, June 16, 2006

Screen caps of Tahmoh in Just Cause

Thanks to international Tahmoh fans, we have received a copy of Tahmoh's guest starring role on the Canadian legal drama, Just Cause (see a description of the series by clicking "More..." below).

Tahmoh plays high school principal and basketball coach accused of sexual harrasment by a female student. Here's the official synopysis:

Just Cause # 120 "Blackboard Jungle"
When Whitney agrees to defend an innovative school principal in a sexual harassment suit, Alex goes undercover at the high school.
The episode also features Lorena Gale, who played the priestess Elosha on BSG, as the school's superintendent.

Here are a few caps. More will posted next week here and at Northern Lights.

Click below for two more pics and a description of the series.
Here's the official description of the series:
"In the drama Just Cause, Alexandra DeMonaco is a good citizen and a devoted mom, becomes the scapegoat in an insurance scam and is sent to prison while her husband walks away with $5 million, and their daughter. While incarcerated, Alexandra studies law and earns a degree.

Now on parole, and determined to make a name for herself, Alex finds a job as an assistant at a well-known law firm. While practicing law, she uses her new skills to clear her name and search for her missing daughter, Mia.

In her new career, Alexandra proves that she has a remarkable gift for getting at the truth and bringing criminals to justice. Filled with suspense, mystery, true grit and humour, the series is created by Jacqueline Zambrano and Gail Morgan Hickman (Under Suspicion and The Sentinel), and stars Lisa Lackey (Planet of the Apes, Mulholland Drive), Richard Thomas (Wonder Boys, The Waltons) and Canadian-actor Shaun Benson (The Associates)."

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