Monday, January 19, 2009

Battlestar & Dollhouse press, new photos & video!

The crazy volume of press continues with more exclusive interviews, videos, photos and clips. First a promotional photo from Friday's Galactica premiere:

According to Ron Moore's podcast, apparently that scene with Helo, Hera and Sharon was almost cut.

Find out all you wanted to know about behind-the-scenes filming that episode, thanks to Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune who speaks with Ron Moore, the writers and the director.

Sci-fi Wire: The Battlestar cast on their favorite moments from the series.

Tahmoh Penikett:

"When you get on a new series with someone like Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, there's a lot of nerves involved in the beginning. I was green at the time. You're in your head quite a lot. I'm sure Grace [Park] would say the same thing. We were both in the same position. You know, feeling a lot of pressure," says Penikett. "We've got Eddie directing the episode, and he's got complete confidence, and he's just laughing and he's super excited, and I just had this real moment where I'm like, 'Holy crap! I'm sitting here on a new series and I've got Edward James Olmos taking to me like a little kid, and he's so excited about doing this scene with me.' It was a huge moment for me, because one of my favorite films is Blade Runner. I remember seeing that when I was a little kid with my dad, and I remember being so moved by Eddie more than anything else. Even as a little kid I was like, 'Who is that guy? I want to know more about him.' He was completely compelling and interesting. I've been a fan of his ever since. And then to come full circle and finally be working with the man was a huge moment for me."
Nice moment from Michael Trucco (Anders):
"One of my fondest memories from this series came in my first week on set way back in early season two," says Trucco. "After about three or four days of shooting on location in the forest, I had become fairly comfortable and close with Katee and Grace and Tahmoh. We all hit it off almost immediately. The four of us just gelled, and Tahmoh and I have very similar senses of humor, so we'd riff off each other at the drop of a hat. And one afternoon on set between setups I was sitting in one of the cast chairs next to Grace, and she looked over at me and said, 'It feels like you've been here since the beginning. ... I think they should keep you around.' Who knew then that that would eventually be the case? That meant a lot to me in that moment, and I've never forgotten it since."
FOX has posted the infamous "Wallhouse" moment--aka Tahmoh's first scene on Dollhouse--to their newly redesigned Dollhouse website. The new site includes a character bio for Paul Ballard and new actor bio for Tahmoh.

Here's the Paul character bio:
"Paul Ballard is an FBI agent assigned to the dead-end case designated "Dollhouse." He believes the Dollhouse is a secret and powerful human trafficking operation. Everyone else at the FBI and otherwise believes it's an urban legend. But the ridicule only feeds Paul's obsession with the Dollhouse and it's occupants. Specifically, one occupant - Echo, whom he believes in her former life to have been a girl named Caroline."
Zap2it: Exclusive interview with Tahmoh, "Helo speaks: Chatting with 'Battlestar Galactica's' Tahmoh Penikett"
"Some of the best scenes I've had with Grace [Park, who plays Sharon] are actually in this last season. There was some incredible work, really great storylines -- it's really going to blow fans away."
TV Addict: Exclusive interview with Tahmoh about Dollhouse and Battlestar.
Would it be safe to say that Paul has a personal connection to someone in the Dollhouse?

"There’s definitely potential for that. But we all know Joss Whedon. Perhaps in our second or third season it will come out that Paul and Echo knew each other at a certain point. Or what I’d like to say and I don’t often share my choices, is that I think Paul suffered some loss in the past and that something in this girl (Echo) reminds him of that. Something happened in his life that makes him set on helping those in distress, especially females. There is something with this girl that changes everything and motivates him even more."
Sky1 interviews Tahmoh about Battlestar [~ 5 min. video]:

Access Hollywood interviewed Eliza Dushku, Dichen Lachman, Fran Kranz and Tahmoh briefly at the TCAs:

Newsarama reports Joss Whedon and some of the Dollhouse cast will be at New York Comic Con (Feb. 6-8). No details on who exactly will appear or what panels they'll be on yet.

Dollverse: Eliza Dushku, Olivia Williams, Dichen Lachman and Tahmoh talk about fan excitement for Dollhouse:

A new promotional 30-sec spot for Dollhouse, now airing on FOX.

FOX:"Understanding the Dollhouse" featurette with Joss, Eliza, Fran, & Olivia:

On a random note: Tahmoh Penikett and Eliza Dushku share their favorite Mickey Rourke stories with Spike Feresten:

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