Saturday, November 27, 2010

More Tahmoh Q&A

Here's Part 2 of our most recent Q&A with Tahmoh. Part 1 is included in this post. Look for Part 3 in the next few days. With thanks again to Bertha for her help prepping this post.

If you were not able to act, what other profession would you pursue and why?
If I was not able to act I think I’d still be in the business in some capacity. I'd probably pursue directing, as I’m interested in doing that in the near future.

There was a time when I wanted to be a fighter; the acting took precedent though. I'm still a passionate fan of Martial Arts and I hope to be able to train for many years to come.

What expensive or frivolous purchase did you make with your first large paycheck from acting?

I bought myself a Movado watch. Even with that first guest star paycheck I still really couldn't afford it, but I had to have it. I saw that watch in a store window once when I was 22 and regularly checked up on it planning on the day that I was going to buy it. It was the first thing I did and owned and I loved that watch for a good ten years before it was unfortunately stolen in LA.


  1. Ok, where did I miss part 1?

  2. Hi Alison. It was part of the previous post where he talked about Japan. I've linked to it now.